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Wind farms start operating in test mode in Ceará

Ilha Grande and Boca do Córrego complexes total 54MW

26/06/2014 / By Editorial staff of Jornal da Energia

Photo: Press Office/Ari Versiani

The Brazilian Electricity Regulatory Agency (Aneel) has authorized two wind power projects in the municipality of Amontada, state of Ceará, to start operating in test mode as of Thursday, 26 June. The authorization was published by the regulatory agency in the Federal Official Gazette.

The Boca do Córrego wind farm is now allowed to operate its nine generating units totaling 24.3MW. And the Ilha Grande plant was given authorization to operate its 11 turbines, which total 29.7MW.

Authorization to start commercial operations can only be requested after the test phase is completed. Depending on the case, it may require the submission of the original documents.