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Renovation work at the Zoo and Botanical Park is 40% finished

The renovation is planned to be completed in June

13/May/2014 / by Press Office


Teresina’s Zoo and Botanical Park
(Photo: Paulo Barros)

The renovation work at the Zoo and Botanical Park of Teresina is 40% finished and should be completed in June. Over 2 million Brazilian reals have been invested in the renovation, the result of a partnership between the Government of the State, through its Department of the Environment (Semar), and Queiroz Galvão Energias Renováveis.

The aims are to improve visitors’ access to the Park’s fauna and flora and to offer better conditions to the more than 70 species and 190 animals living in the Zoo and Botanical Park.

One of the projects that are in a more advanced stage is the 4,000 meters of linear sidewalks to be used for walks that include the external area and paths connecting the gatehouse to the interior of the park and the trails. The renovations of the vet clinic, administration building and tigress and bear enclosures are also underway. These places are all being pulled down, and new constructions are being built.

Teresina’s Zoo and Botanical Park is one of the parks in Brazil that use captive breeding. In 2013 alone, more than 100 animals were born there, including several endangered species. The lion cubs are among them: the presence of one the most loved animals in the park has been ensured for generations. The animals born through this process are available for other zoos in Brazil.