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Queiroz Galvão Energias Renováveis sponsors 2013 Ethos International Conference

The theme of this year’s Ethos Institute's congress is ‘Sustainable and Responsible Businesses: Opportunities for Companies and for Brazil’. The idea is to discuss how lucrative sustainable businesses can be.

In addition to offering conceptual talks and discussions as usual, the conference will take on a pragmatic perspective to discuss sustainability topics, applying them to business models.

The conference is structured around several modules. The ‘Sustainable Business Case Studies’ and ‘Analysis of Sustainable Business Models’ modules will bring sustainability theory and practice together. The main module, ‘Sustainable Businesses’, will include discussions on IPI (tax on manufactured products) incentive and reduction for sustainable products; the role of the business sector in the implementation of UN’s Sustainable Development Goals; fairer competition and trust in the business environment; and the advances of the business integrity agenda in the Brazilian market.

For further information, please visit the Ethos Institute’s website (http://www3.ethos.org.br/) or the conference website (http://www3.ethos.org.br/ce2013/).