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Queiroz Galvão Energias Renováveis has 600 MW for auctions

The company expects to add 1000 MW in the next six years, with investments of R$3 billion to R$4 billion


By Lívia Neves

Queiroz Galvão is developing 600 MW of wind energy to offer in the next new energy auctions. The company is reviewing the conditions set by the government for the A-3 auction.

“We will consider equipment prices and time to complete the project before deciding whether or not we will bid”, Max Xavier Lins, CEO of QG Energias Renováveis, explained. According to the chief executive, the company is also expecting the reserve energy auction that is supposed to be held after that.

The company has a capacity of around 1000 MW that is either already operational or being built. Of this volume, 60% corresponds to wind power. “We believe this is the most competitive source today. But we have been noticing small hydroelectric power plants are gaining an extended life”, Lins added. The company expects to add a further 1000 MW to its portfolio by 2020, with investments of R$3 billion to R$4 billion.