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Queiroz Galvão Energia starts Oral Health Project in the Caldeirão Grande region

QG Energia is developing the Oral Health Project in the municipality of Caldeirão Grande, Piauí state, in partnership with SESI (Social Services for the Industry). The initiative will take a mobile dental office to the public schools of the region.

 The project was launched last Wednesday (25 November) at the Crebilon Menandro School, located in Serra da Batinga. To start the action, QG Energia organized a talk on oral hygiene to parents and students, and kits were given out containing a toothbrush, tooth paste and dental floss. The mayor of Caldeirão Grande, the Health and Education secretaries, and school principals and teachers participated in the event.

 The action will be supported by the city government, which will hold events and campaigns focused on the theme to raise awareness of the population to the importance of taking care of your oral health.

 The Oral Health Project will continue throughout 2016, when the mobile unit will visit ten schools to provide dental treatment and explain oral hygiene practices to 1800 children and adolescents.