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Queiroz Galvão Energia holds first module of the social project Educate to Prevent in Caldeirão Grande-PI

Commitment to social and environmental issues and continuous attention to the situation of the surrounding communities is one of Queiroz Galvão Energia’s (QG Energia) main pillars. Based on this, the company has launched another important social project: Educate to Prevent.

The initiative is focused on the community of Caldeirão Grande, in the state of Piauí, and conducted in partnership with the state’s Health, Education and Social Action departments, with the assistance of the local Center for Prevention of Addictions. QG Energia is currently building two wind farms in Caldeirão Grande, Caldeirão I and Caldeirão II, which will have 144 wind turbines and 388,8 MW of installed capacity altogether.

The Educate to Prevent project involves training municipal staff including teachers, school principals, outreach workers, doctors, nursing technicians, social service workers, and members of the Child Protection Council, as well as managers of the Health, Education and Social Service departments, on issues related to alcohol and drug abuse, sexuality, vulnerability to STDs and HIV/AIDS, and early pregnancy.

The project was conceived by QG Energia in conjunction with municipal managers based on Caldeirão’s demands and needs. Its main goal is to prepare local professionals to work with adolescents, young people and their families in order to prevent the growth of the addressed problems.

Last 8-9 May, QG Energia held the project’s first module. Seventy professionals from several areas attended and took part in group dynamics, reading and analyzing support texts, and group discussions on relevant topics. The participants also received tasks related to the topics addressed in the module to be completed during the month of May, and will conduct a brief diagnosis of the use of alcohol and drugs among young people and adolescents.

The training will last six months, with one module being held every month. Building on the content learned at each module, QG Energia and the Center for Prevention of Addictions will develop the PROLIFE Program, to be implemented at schools, health centers and social services of the municipality of Caldeirão Grande of Piauí.

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