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Queiroz Galvão Energia held focus groups to listen to the community of amontada-ce

The aim of the activity was to collect information to support the preparation of educational materials for local schools.

One of the four Queiroz Galvão Energia’s (QG Energia) wind farm complexes in operation in Brazil is located in the municipality of Amontada, Ceará. The implementation of this project brought relevant transformations to the region, so it is essential that the local community should understand and participate in these changes.

That was the idea behind the creation of the Focus Groups held by QG Energia in partnership with Amontada’s Municipal Department of Education (SEDUC) last 10 and 12 March. The purpose of the events was to get information from the population to be used as basis for preparing educational and teaching materials. By using clear language, these resources are meant to facilitate the introduction and discussion of content related to renewable energy, wind power, the environment, and other related themes, thus contributing to improving the quality of Elementary and Middle School Education.

Because the area of the municipality is quite large, five workshops were held in different districts – Garças, Lagoa Grande, Sabiaguaba and Icaraí, in addition to Amontada – totaling 212 participants, including teachers, coordinators, principals, student, and parents, as well as managers from the Municipal Department of Education.

This social responsibility action is part of larger project developed by Queiroz Galvão Energia, the Sustainable Development Support Project (PADE), which has the school environment as one of its main focuses. QG Energia believes that schools are a space of excellence where knowledge and information on wind power can be disseminated, promoting greater community involvement and participation and improving the quality of the educational process, while making it more dynamic.

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