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Queiroz Galvão Energia has completed the renovation works on the zoo and botanical park of teresina

On 11 December 2014, the Zoo and Botanical Park of Teresina was reopened with the participation of the Secretary of State for the Environment and representatives of the state of Piauí authorities.

A walk on the park’s new paths marked the reopening, followed by a presentation given by Queiroz Galvão’s Implementation and O&M Director, Roberto Mario Di Nardo, about the improvements. The park has an area of 137 hectares and is home to 190 animals and 70 different species.

The renovation works were estimated at more than 2 million Brazilian reais and were funded by Queiroz Galvão Energia as part of the environmental conditions for building wind farms in the interior of Piauí, a project currently underway. They generated around 60 direct jobs and 200 indirect jobs and included paving the sidewalks that connect the gatehouse to the interior of the Zoo and Botanical Park, improvements to the ecological trail, renovation of animal enclosures, and modernization of the vet clinic.

With the project completed, the local population can now benefit from an improved park. The Zoo is not only a leisure option for families, but also, and more importantly, a place where children can learn about our fauna and flora and have the first contact with the concept of species conservation – as well as understand its importance.

This joint social and environmental responsibility action is part of a larger project consisting of the implementation of wind farms in Piauí. The state has great wind energy potential and could become a new hub of clean renewable energy production, which in turn would contribute to the expansion of Brazil’s power grid, to the generation of local income and to Piauí’s prosperity and development.

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