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Piauí will be the first Brazilian state to use 100% renewable energy

The strength of the winds in Piauí has made such impact around the world that the state was considered the winner of the renewable sources auction held on November 18 by the Mines and Energy Ministry (MME) via the Energy Research Company (EPE). Of the 800MW bought at the auction, 240 are for Piauí and will add to the 420MW already sold by Casa dos Ventos at other auctions. When it becomes operational, the wind farm of Piauí will be producing more energy than state consumes, and Piauí will be one of the first Brazilian states to use 100% renewable energy.

The winning projects are located in Chapada do Araripe, in the region that includes the municipalities of Simões and Marcolândia, and will add to the 400MW installed capacity of Caldeirão Grande. As a result, Piauí will have one of the largest wind power business clusters in Brazil. It will not only be self-sufficient, but also have a surplus of energy when the wind farms are ready and operational (due January 2016).

For the governor of the state, Wilson Martins, Piauí has been increasingly prominent in negotiations involving Brazil’s energy market, and the result can already be seen. “We have been present in more energy actions and are seen as potential big producers. We are building a new Piauí, with more benefits for our people, with our own strengths. Both domestic and foreign companies are investing in wind power in the region, and this will bring several medium- and long-term local benefits”, he said.

Around 500 direct and 3,000 indirect jobs are expected to be created. It is estimated that approximately R$4 billion will be invested in the implementation of the projects, and they should be ready and operational in only two years’ time. Moreover, as a result of the wind power projects, an electric substation, one of the biggest in the Northeast region, is being constructed in an area equivalent to more than five official soccer pitches. It will section the transmission line connecting the cities of São João, in Piauí, to Milagres, in Ceará, where the produced electricity will be distributed.

Altogether, the Chapada do Piauí wind farm complex, developed by Casa dos Ventos and being installed through partnerships with Queiroz Galvão Energias Renováveis, Contour Global and Companhia Hidroelétrica do São Francisco (Chesf), is expected to generate more than 3,000 direct jobs and approximately 10,000 indirect jobs, as well as yearly payments of R$8 million to the small landowners who will receive the wind turbines. The huge steel structures, with up to 140 meters in height, will illuminate the Piauí wilderness and take the Piauí energy to the rest of the country.

Source: Portal Costa Norte e Abeeólica