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Alstom to supply wind turbines for Queiroz Galvão

The €400 million contract is for the supply of wind turbines for the Caldeirão I and II wind farms in Piauí.

by Pedro Aurélio Teixeira, Agência CanalEnergia, Business and Companies
20 Dec 2013

Alstom has signed two contracts totaling €400 million with Queiroz Galvão to supply wind turbines for the Caldeirão Grande I and II wind farms, located in the state of Piauí. The turbines will produce 400MW. Alstom will supply ECO 122 turbines, which will be produced at their Camaçari plant (in the state of Bahia) in 2015 to 2017.

Their rotor can increase the amount of energy generated in regions with low to medium levels of wind. According to Marcos Costa, president of Alstom do Brasil, the deal will strengthen their partnership with Queiroz Galvão. In addition to the commissioning and installation of the turbines, the contract also establishes the operation and maintenance of the turbines for ten years.

Alstom has already signed contracts to install over 1,700MW of wind power capacity in Brazil, making it one of the leaders in this market. Alstom builds and operates wind farms throughout the world. More than 2,500 wind turbines are currently installed or under construction in over 150 wind farms, producing more than 3,800MW.

Source: http://www.canalenergia.com.br/zpublisher/materias/Negocios_e_Empresas.asp?id=99009